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Brown Sugar – Кафява захар
Chocolate – Шоколад
Chocolate shavings – Настърган шоколад
Fondant – Фондан
Ganache – Шоколадов крем, използван най-вече за пълнеж
Glace cherry – Коктейлна (мараскино) череша
Honey – Мед
Jam – Конфитюр
Jellies – Желирани бонбонки
Мaple syrup – Кленов сироп
Marmalade – Мармалад
Meringue – Meringue is a mixture produced from whipping egg whites until they form stiff peaks then combining them with sugar. It has many forms: as a base for lightening mousses and buttercreams or aerating batters. With the addition of nuts, meringue can be made into products such as japonaise, dacquoise, succes, …