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Brown Sugar – Кафява захар

Chocolate – Шоколад

Chocolate shavings – Настърган шоколад

Fondant – Фондан

GanacheШоколадов крем, използван най-вече за пълнеж

Glace cherry – Коктейлна (мараскино) череша

Honey – Мед

Jam – Конфитюр

Jellies – Желирани бонбонки

Мaple syrup – Кленов сироп

Marmalade – Мармалад

Meringue – Meringue is a mixture produced from whipping egg whites until they form stiff peaks then combining them with sugar. It has many forms: as a base for lightening mousses and buttercreams or aerating batters. With the addition of nuts, meringue can be made into products such as japonaise, dacquoise, succes, progress. Without nuts, meringue can be made into vacherin shells and various decorations. …

Nougat – Нуга

Preserve (fruit) – Сладко

Raisins – Стафиди

Sultanas – Стафиди от бяло десертно грозде, без семки

Toffee – Карамелова, дъвчаща бонбона. Вкус на такава бонбона

Topping – Топинг

Turkish delight – Локум

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